Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spastic weather

So I know I'm beyond horrible at blogging but hopefully I'll get all caught up this summer once school's over (only 6 more weeks!).
But, in the meantime... Utah weather is crazy! It's amazing the changes that can take place on the same day only 45 minutes away from another place.
Case and point: (This happened about a month ago but I had a similar experience this morning)

So, I woke up and opened my door to this...
Close to 2 feet of snow
The snow was so heavy it broke one of the branches on one of our trees.

I hopped in my car, dressed in full snow gear, only to get to work 45 minutes later where it looked like this...
not a speck of snow, and complete sunshine!

This morning I woke up to dark storm clouds and snow on my car, got on the freeway where it started hailing, then I encountered rain. Got to work and once again it was blue skies and sunny, but very windy. So, today I encountered snow, hail, rain, blue skies, sunshine, and wind all within 45 minutes. Only in Utah!!! Welcome springtime! Please warm up soon!

All this crazy weather is making me miss the beautiful weather and water from my cruise 2 weeks ago. I want to go back ASAP!

I mean, look how gorgeous this is! (This is the view from our balcony room on the way to Puerto Vallarta)

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